Magnificent Large A-Grade Amethyst Spirit/Cactus Quartz Crystal Display Piece

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Also referred to as Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz, it is found only near Boekenhouthoek South Africa (NOT the Magaliesberg Mountains as is often mistakenly claimed), first appearing around 1998. Most Spirit Quartz is Amethyst, though Citrine, Smokey,Yellow, Ametrine and White Quartz are also mined.

I obtain several hundred kilograms from the mine every week or 2, so please feel free to inquire about bulk wholesale orders.

Spirit Quartz is an unusual quartz that has many very small crystals growing on a central stone. A cactus or spirit quartz is a quartz crystal that is encrusted by a second generation of smaller crystals grown on its prism faces.

Each tiny crystal radiates energy with all of these little crystals working in harmony to radiate a very strong vibration.


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 13 cm