All items won on our Facebook live stream shows need to be claimed and paid for within 24 hours. We will protect your items for 24 hours but after that we’ll let them go to who ever pays first

Please do NOT order items with somebodies name next to it within 24 hours of a show – you will be refunded and the it item reserved for the original person.

We have negotiated with DHL express the best possible shipping rates for orders up to 5kgs.

For orders over 5 kgs it may be possible for you to get the speed of an express delivery at the cost of surface mail (roughly $200 – $250 for anything up to 40 kgs (88 lbs). Click here for details .

This option is only possible if you live close enough to an international airport that you can collect from there in person and take care of your own customs/clearing.

If you are unable to collect at the airport or if your nearest airport turns out to be a non customs clearing airport, we will send bigger orders using our bulk DHL account about ($350 for 20 kgs plus about $9.50 per additional kg to the U.S.A. – other countries please enquire for cost)

We are happy to allow you to pay for smaller orders over a period of time and then ship altogether in one package. Please let us know that you wish to stockpile as you place your orders.

To be alerted of future live stream sales please click here to select which method we should use to alert you.

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Showing 1–24 of 25 results