For orders over 20 kgs (44 lbs) you can get the speed of an express delivery at the cost of surface mail.

  • This will only be of use to you if you live close enough to an international airport to go and collect there in person. Please note that not all international airports are customs clearing airports.
  • Actual costs vary quite significantly from airport to airport, but most of the time it will be $200 – $300 for up to 40 kgs (88 lbs).
  • We have negotiated the best possible rates with DHL on packages under 5kgs, but for larger orders it will probably save you a lot of money to take a day out and collect at the airport.
  • You are welcome to stock pile a few orders until you hit the sweet spot of around 40kgs. Just pay for the crystals as you go and we will settle up the shipping when you give us the order to pack and send.
  • In order to get details on how to use our much cheaper delivery to airport service, and start a stockpile with us please use the form below and we will immediately email you with instructions.
  • If you are unable to collect at the airportor if you local airport turns out to be a non customs clearing airport, we will send using our bulk DHL account which is much cheaper for bigger orders, but still not as cheap as collecting at the airport. (about $350 for 20 kgs plus about $9.50 per additional kg to the U.S.A. – other countries please enquire for cost)