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Birthday Sale Now On

I’m turning 51 years old this month and to celebrate I am offering 25% off all crystals on this site AND all minerals on my other site at

Just use “level51” as a coupon code when you checkout an order, and the system will automatically apply the 25% discount for you! Use the same coupon on both sites and use “airship” as an additional coupon if you would like us to combine orders and bill you for the cost of shipping later. (It’s cheaper toship one large order rather than several smaller ones)

Also, click the “Keep me updated” button below to be alerted before we do our live stream sales for additional savings all year round.

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Shipping options

Hey everybody – I just did a short video on my shop page at explaining how we calculate shipping and here’s a summary..

Please note that prices are calculated in South African currency and then converted to dollars or euros or what ever, so they will fluctaute along with the international exchange rates, as such, the prices quoted below are just estimates.

EDIT – these calculations are based on countries in Zone6 which includes Canada and the USA and will vary greatly for other countries.

POST OFFICE airmail shipping is about $13.20 per parcel, plus $2.15 per 100 grams or part thereof.

POST OFFICE surface mail shipping $13.20 per parcel, plus $0.45 per 100 grams or part thereof. We DO NOT recommend using surface mail! It will take AT LEAST 3 months to arrive and substantially longer in some cases!

DHL express (my e-commerce account that plugs directly into my websites) is about $42 for anything up to 2kgs and increases by about $12 for every additional 500g, but that amount per 500g increases the heavier the order gets.

At around 6 or 7 kilograms it becomes cheaper to switch to using my DHL express bulk account, but this is only possible if you are building a stock pile with us and I can do the calculations manually for you.

The best method of shipping to get the best combination of speed and price, is to collect your order from customs at your nearest international clearing airport (not all international airports are clearing airports so please check).

This varies from airport to airport but is generally around $250 for anything up to 40 or 50 kgs.

OK – so for a hypotheical order of 20 kgs (44 lbs) the options would break down like this…..

$120 via surface mail.
$440 via airmail
$551 via my ecommerce DHL account
$337 via my bulk DHL account
$250ish if you collect from the airport

… and that is why I encourage people to build a stock pile with us over a period of time. If I do the calculations manually, I can figure out what the cheapest and best option would be in every individual case.

If you haven’t already started, just use “airship” as a coupon code on my websites when you checkout. This will generate a “free” shipping option for you so that you can just pay for your crystals as you go along and I will calculate the shipping for you, when you are ready for us to pack and send.

AND THAT ladies and gentlemen is why I hate the question, “so how much is shipping to xyz?

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Dark purple Spirit Quartz crystals!

Great news! Not only am I running a huge 25% off all crystals pre-BlackFriday sale (just use “B4BF” as your electronic discount code) but you are going to LOVE the crystals I have managed to get my hands on!

One of the Spirit Quartz miners struck it lucky and hit a pocket of the most gorgeous deep purple amethyst crystals and I was in the right place at the right time and bought up the lot!

Dark purple crystals from this location have been near impossible to get hold of for many years but these are the BEST color I have ever seen! Take a look at to see what I mean and then grab one or 2 before they are all gone. It’s impossible to say when or even if crystals of this quality will ever be found again!

Want a flat or 2 for wholesale? I’ve got you covered 🙂 Take a look at – there are loads of new flats are available at the best wholesale prices on the internet – and yes, your discount code “B4BF” is valid on the wholesale pages too!








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Big Birthday Blowout Sale!

At midnight tonight, I will be levelling up to level 49! That just sounds so much better than saying I’m turning 49 years old 🙂

As part of the celebrations, I’m throwing a Big Birthday Blowout sale with 25% off of everything on both my sites at and http://www.amazonite.comincluding the wholesale boxes!

Use “level49” as your discount code to get the huge 25% discount.

I finally got a couple of hours free to work on the look and feel of both sites, so they are both looking a lot more like I wanted in the first place and they appear to be working properly on all mobile devices. Maybe one day I will actually be 100% with them and stop tweaking 🙂 Let me know if you run into any issues viewing on your particular device.

Anyway – take a look at crystals and for all other mineral specimens ASAP and take advantage of the big birthday 25% savings. The discount code won’t be valid for long.

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Hundreds of affordable new crystals

While I have been travelling around the country buying and selling rocks all over the country and have barely been home over the past 2 weeks, my assistant, Ian, has been hard at work adding literally hundreds of very inexpensive new crystals, from a variety of locations to my site at There are:

  • Spirit quartz crystals
  • Amethyst crystals
  • Citrine crystals
  • Phantom crystals
  • Cactus quartz crystals
  • Huge quartz crystals
  • and many, many more…

As always, your subscribers discount code, “welcome99“, is valid on all crystals on the entirety of the site including the wholesale pages at (Loads of new wholesale batches, sold by the flat, have been uploaded there too :-))

In addition, the voucher codes  that I mailed you on the 4th of July are still valid on my other site in case you didn’t check your emails on Independence Day – just use “oops” to get a huge 25% discount on mineral specimens at and/or use “ooops” to get 10% off of the already massively discounted batches at

Anyway, I have managed to catch up with the packing and shipping of orders that came in while I was away, so I’m going to be cleaning and preparing loads more new stuff over the coming week or 2 🙂












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25% off rare minerals and crystals

I have just gotten back from a week long buying trip to the various mines and localities around Southern Africa and as per usual, I have managed to totally over spend and have totally decimated my bank account – I guess it’s an all too common problem for all of us rock lovers ?

Anyway, I have bills due and in order to turn rocks into bread as quickly as possible I am throwing a 25% off  all mineral specimens and crystals sale AND 10% of off wholesale batches of all the various materials! There are some very rare and unusual ones available.

Just use “oops” as your electronic discount code to get a huge 25% off all mineral specimens and crystals at or use “ooops” to get 10% off the already massively discounted wholesale batches at if you are buying some flats for resale..

I realise that today is the 4th of July (Happy Independence Day to all American subscribers ? and many people won’t see this newsletter until tomorrow, so I will leave the discount codes active for a couple of days so that everybody can have a fair shot at grabbing some awesome deals.

I have a lot of awesome pics of my journey to share and will do a blog post just as soon as I have caught up with the outstanding emails and orders that piled up while I was away.

Anyway, take a look at as soon as possible – the best pieces always sell first, so be quick ?

Feel free to share.

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Cleaning Spirit Quartz Crystals

Here’s a short video I did on the cleaning process we put all of our crystals through. If you have any questions or want me to clarify anything just leave a comment below.

I have just gotten 300 – 400 kilograms of crystals straight from the mine and it will be some time before they are all cleaned up and put on the site, but the examples seen in this video have been listed and can be seen on our home page.

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Spirit Quartz Crystal GiveAway – 100% FREE

Claim your FREE Spirit Quartz crystal today!

Hang on – why would anybody simply give these beautiful crystals away for free?

It’s simple really. After years of selling literally tonnes of these crystals, I have a LOT lying around. I get them directly from the mines here in South Africa and I mostly sell large batches of several kilograms at a time and I am hoping that after you add your freebie to your shopping cart that you will be tempted to add another crystal or 2 to your order – but it’s not compulsory :-).

Is it really 100% free?
Yes, the crystal is 100% free, you just pay for the nominal shipping fee. While I can afford to give some of my crystals away for free, I can’t afford to pay the shipping for everybody as well. The post office charges me, just like everybody else, for every package I send.

Ok, so how much is the shipping?
I really don’t know. It depends on where in the world that you are. It’s calculated in real time via the API direct from the post office in South African currency and converted to US$ or other currency at the prevailing international exchange rate, so it will be slightly different for everybody.

Please feel free to share this page on Facebook.

Click here to claim your FREE crystal now

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Spirit quartz crystals and the mines they come from

 Get a Spirit Quartz Crystal FOR FREE – Click Here

Ok – so my film making skills aren’t at Spielberg levels yet but I hope this will be of interest to all rockhounds 🙂

Wholesale flats are available in the wholesale section from just $15 per kilogram – I have just picked up another 300 kg or so of top quality crystals, but it will take me about a month to get them all cleaned up and added to the site.

Please leave any questions or comments in the comment section below and give us a like and a share on Facebook.

Actual footage of the mines starts about halfway through if you want to avoid staring at my ugly mug.

 Get a Spirit Quartz Crystal FOR FREE – Click Here

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Poisonous mineral specimens

10 Poisonous mineral specimens you may already have in your collection.

We often think that the only way a rock could hurt us is if somebody threw it at us or bashed us over the head with one. The truth is that some rocks are far more insidious and will quietly poison you. Do you have any pf these in your collection?

  1. Coloradoite
    Coloradoite is a recently discovered crystalline mineral originating in magma veins. The mineral Coloradoiteis a mercury telluride compound formed when mercury fuses with tellurium, another extremely toxic and rare metal. Coloradoite therefore poses a doubly toxic threat to anyone daring to handle it. The combination of the two elements poses the risk of serious poisoning if carelessly handled. If heated or chemically altered, deadly vapor and dust is released by this strange mineral. Interestingly, the mineral may be mined for its tellurium content. Tellurium minerals may combine with gold, but were previously not recognized. In a strange twist of fate, the streets of Kalgoorie in Australia were mined in a bizarre gold rush after the realization that gold-bearing tellurides had been used to fill potholes.
  2. Chalcanthite
    ChalcanthiteSeductive blue chalcanthite crystals are composed of copper, combined with sulfur and other elements and water. This arrangement turns copper, which is required by the body but toxic in excess quantities, into an extremely bio-available crystal. In another words, the copper becomes water soluble, and may be assimilated in great quantities by any plant or animal, rapidly weakening it and then killing it by shutting down body processes. Chalcanthite should never be taste tested by amateur scientists for salt content, or an extremely serious overdose of copper could result. Just releasing crystals of the blue mineral has killed entire ponds of algae, and posed great environmental threats. Because of the incredible beauty and rarity of chalcanthite, an enterprise dedicated to growing artificial crystals and passing them off as genuine specimens for sale has developed within the geological community.
  3. Hutchinsonite
    Thallium is the dark twin of lead. This thick, greasy metal is similar in atomic mass but even more Hutchinsonitedeadly. Thallium is a rare metal that appears in highly toxic compounds consisting of rather strange combinations of elements. The effects of thallium exposure are even more peculiar, and include loss of hair, serious illness through skin contact and in many cases, death. Hutchinsonite is a hazardous but dramatic mixture of thallium, lead and arsenic. The three poisonous metals form a lethal mineral cocktail that should be handled only with great caution. Hutchinsonite was named after John Hutchinson, a prominent mineralogist from Cambridge University. The mineral is found in mountainous regions of Europe, most frequently in ore deposits.
  4. Galena
    GalenaGalena is the principle ore of lead, and forms glistening silver cubes with almost unnaturally perfect shapes. Although lead is normally extremely flexible, the sulfur content of galena makes it extraordinarily brittle and reactive to chemical treatment. Galena is capable of taking an equally heavy toll on workers and amateur researchers who are exposed to it. Contact with specimens may lead to lead dust exposure, while workers in mines face a high risk of poisoning from contact with the mineral and the deadly dusts released through production. Once extracted, the lead content from this mineral poses environmental and health threats during treatment and extraction. Galena has a cubic fracture, and if hit with a hammer, the crystal will shatter into multiple smaller replicas of its original shape.
  5. Asbestos
    Asbestos is not a manmade product, but one of most terrifying minerals on the planet. Where asbestosother minerals act as toxins through their chemistry and sicken victims of accidental poisoning, Asbestos conducts full scale mechanical sabotage on the human lung. Asbestos is a fully natural category of minerals composed of silica the most abundant of Earth’s hard elements, iron, sodium and oxygen. Asbestos deposits consist of aggregates of thousands of tiny, fibrous crystals that can become airborne and lodged in the human lung. Carcinogenic effects occur through persistent irritation of the lung tissues, leading to scarring. Asbestos formations can also be uncovered among any set of silica rocks, warranting caution when exploring. Strangely, natural weathering leads to natural distribution of asbestos in Earth’s atmosphere. As a result, many humans carry some asbestos fibers in their lungs.
  6. Arsenopyrite
    ArsenopyriteArsenopyrite is fool’s gold, but with a difference. One would not just be a fool to mistake it for gold. Equally foolish would be a decision to pick up this mineral on a hike at a quarry, and proceed to use your hands to put trail mix in your mouth. Arsenopyrite is arsenic iron sulfide, which is the same type of mineral as pyrite (fool’s gold, iron sulfide), but with a heavy addition of arsenic. If one attempts to heat or in any way alter the mineral, a strong garlic odor of arsenic will be produced as lethally toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic vapors are released. Just handling the mineral brings one into contact with unstable sulfuric arsenic salts. Interestingly, arsenopyrite may be identified by striking a specimen with a hammer. The powerful garlic odor of arsenic can be briefly detected as the sparks fly.
  7. Torbernite
    Torbernite is the mineral from hell. The prism shaped green crystals form as secondary deposits Torbernitein granitic rocks, and are composed of uranium. Formed through a complex reaction between phosphorous, copper, water and uranium, the stunning crystal displays have seduced many mineral collectors into taking a sample for a shelf collection. If the uranium decay from a pocket sized Chernobyl were not enough, lethal radon gas capable of causing lung cancer slowly releases from these hot rocks. This is one crystal to leave alone. Torbernite can occur in granite, so your stone countertop just might contain traces of torbernite. The bright green crystal blooms were used by prospectors as indicators of uranium deposits.
  8. Stibnite
    StibniteStibnite is antimony sulfide, but it looks like silver. For that reason, the huge, shining metallic crystals of this unstable compound were once fashioned into magnificent eating utensils. But the sword shaped crystals bore the powers of death to those who used them. Stibnite’s antimony laced crystals killed a number of people before it became known that use of the mineral was causing food poisoning of the worst kind. Even in collections, stibnite samples should be handled with great caution to avoid poisoning. Hand washing is advisable after any contact. Mines near Oksaku in Japan have produced the best stibnite crystals in the world, measuring up to a foot in length. Many stibnite samples have the appearance of a miniature steeple.
  9. Orpiment
    OrpimentThe only thing worse than arsenic itself could be a rock made from arsenic and sulfur. The lethal and chemically reactive orpiment crystals are found growing below the surface in mineral formations, often near hydrothermal vents. The colors are seductive, but holding the crystals in your hands may release carcinogenic, neurotoxic arsenic powder. Like cinnabar, the Chinese made extensive use of this mineral, but to far more terrifying ends. Arrows would be rubbed on crushed samples of these stones and then launched to poison the enemy in a rather fancy way to throw a rock. Orpiment is known to give off a strong garlic smell due to its arsenic content, and may crumble into dangerous powder when exposed to light. The mineral was used as a primary component of ochre paint, and likely poisoned many of the artists who used it.
  10. Cinnabar
    CinnabarCinnabar (mercury sulfide) is the single most toxic mineral to handle on Earth. The name of the crystal means dragons blood, and it is the main ore of mercury. Forming near volcanos and sulfur deposits, the bright red crystals signal danger of the worst kind. Cinnabar may release pure mercury if disturbed or heated, causing tremors, loss of sensation and death. In the Middle Ages and late 1700s, being sent to work in Spanish mines containing cinnabar formations was widely considered a death sentence. Cinnabar was widely used in Chinese history for ornamental food dishes, and intricate carvings were created from chunks of it, sometimes at the expense of the artisans. Even more incredibly, some ancient medical practitioners believed cinnabar held healing powers, and prescribed it for certain conditions.


Yup, these minerals are pretty but deadly! If you want to play it safe, here are a few minerals and crystals that aren’t a hazard to your health (unless your significant other beats you with them for buying yet more rocks for your collection :-))

  • A-Grade Amethyst Spirit/Porcupine Quartz Crystal Cluster

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  • Amazing Large Chalcedony Quartz Crystal Display Piece From Congo

    Sale! $447.00 $223.00
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  • Amethyst Quartz Crystal From Zambia

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  • Beautiful Large Self Healed Elestial Smoky Quartz Crystal With Rutile From Zomba, Malawi

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  • Beautiful Smoky Quartz Crystal With Feldspar And Aegirine From Zomba, Malawi

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  • Chaotic Chinese Quartz Crystal Cluster

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  • Chinese Cluster Crystal with specular Haematite

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  • Clear Chinese Crystal with specular Haematite

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  • Clear Quartz Crystal From Tanzania With Inclusions

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  • Dark Amethyst Quartz Crystal From Zambia

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  • Dark Amethyst Quartz Crystal Point From Zambia

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  • Dark Amethyst Quartz Crystal Point From Zambia

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